Barn Ideas

IMG_20140529_155301_719Recently I spent some time discussing our site development plans with a builder. We want to prioritize building the barn, which will allow us to really get started with our ranching work. A large, airy and well-planned barn will allow us to store our hay, tools … Continue Reading ››


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am thoroughly enjoying photographing the plants that are already on the property. I'm hoping to be able to identify more and more of them as I go. But until then, I just enjoy getting to observe their forms as they change over the … Continue Reading ››


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt's always a learning process, isn't it? When we first heard the bullfrogs croaking, we were thrilled! What a fun animal to find in the ponds. They're big, they make distinct sounds, and there's the possibility of catching them and eating them, too! And there … Continue Reading ››

Lucy’s Progress

IMG_20140429_150030_020What is a soon-to-be rancher (me) to do while we get the needed infrastructure in place? In addition to spending time on the land, getting to know what's growing and planning  what to do once we have water and a barn, I have been preparing Lucy so … Continue Reading ››