Survey Says!

IMG_20140720_133006_308I have been having loads of fun remembering my topographic survey skills from way back when. Zach bought me an early birthday present (a transit level! yay!) and I've been making Mary stand with the survey rod for ages and ages while I record distances, height … Continue Reading ››


So, there's a spot on the farm that I like to call the Filaree Field. It's about in the geographic center of the land, has trees around it, and beautiful open fields. It feels both open and isolated at the same time. And it's where we camped the first few times we camped out on … Continue Reading ››

Water (sort of)

One major accomplishment from our week on the farm in June was that we got water. Sort of. We're still working on getting a well, but we did have a tank of non-potable water delivered for various uses on the farm. Plus, we were able to get a large part of the scraped area … Continue Reading ››

June Views

Yes, I know it's July, but these were taken when we were on the farm in mid-June.

Wile E. Coyote

Today I was awakened by coyotes. I didn't know that's what it was right away; the noise I heard sounded more like a distressed sheep. There was still a smoky haze from the Butt Canyon fire in the next county, and sounds were muffled and seemed fairly close. As I lay in bed contemplating the … Continue Reading ››

Rumsey Ditch

Across the northeast corner of the property is a ditch, which we are told is the remnants of something known as the Rumsey Ditch. From what I can gather, the Rumsey Ditch was an irrigation ditch used to help irrigate the west side of the valley. It took water from the Cache Creek to feed … Continue Reading ››

Horses @ the Ranch

One of the big projects the other week was moving the horses to the ranch. They managed to settle in pretty quickly, with only a few minor issues (barbed wire barbs, escapes, escapades, etc). Now they just need to get to work & start earning their keep! :)