Indian School House

  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARumor has it this building on the property to the north of us is called the "Indian School House". Whether or not it was, or what that even means, is not something I know.      

Friends on the Farm

One of the things we've enjoyed most is hosting friends for campouts (sometimes putting them to work, too). In June, I had the pleasure of hosting friends from my time in design school. Not only was it a fun reunion from our years together, but they also shared their wisdom from over a decade of … Continue Reading ››

Pond Status in June

As mentioned previously, we've been watching the water levels in the pond with interest this summer - assuming they would eventually go dry, but pleasantly surprised at how long they lasted! Here's some photos from June:

July Around the Farm

Pictures from some of our trips to the farm in July... beautiful, hot, dry. (the mist behind Molly's Oak, they say, is from the irrigation used in the valley)  


In July, one of the projects that we got started on was removing (and repairing) fencing. After lots of discussion, we decided to take down most of the interior (cross) fencing, and separately Mary and Francisco are checking and reinforcing all of the perimeter fencing. Here's some pictures of Zach and Bruce wrangling some of … Continue Reading ››

Almonds (elsewhere)

And, elsewhere, the almonds are dropping to the ground, ready to be enjoyed. We've found these much easier to crack - one tree we harvested from was easy enough to open with just our bare hands. Molly enjoyed a good long car ride with a bag of un-shelled almonds by her side.