Capay Valley State Park (or, a student’s view of the Capay Valley)

Recently, through a series of clicks and searches, I stumbled upon an interesting student project done in the Capay Valley. A group of Landscape Architectural students from UC Davis were assigned the project of envisioning a State Park on a property just south of Full Belly Farm. The full report is long (about 150 pages). My notes on the parts I found most interesting are below – I particularly appreciated the brief overview of the Valley’s history, ecology, etc (first 40 pages or so).

The report was linked to from Tom Butt (he’s a Richmond council member). Here’s his editorial:

Student Report Notes:
First ~40 pages give interesting overview of valley, resources, etc. Worth a quick read, bearing in mind this is a student report.
P 60 reference to report done for Cal Trans by graduate students in the UC Davis Landscape Architecture program, under the supervision of Professor S. McNiel, on the Visual Characteristics of California’s Agricultural Landscapes & discussion of historic barn styles
P 98 list of native grass species
P 100 list of animal species
P 110-113 waste water discussion
P 114 discussion of energy

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